Extension Services

In our quest to protect the integrity of the sector we provide aspiring Farmers with assessments, evaluation and due diligence exercises of the Farms, Farmers financial capacity, skills, management and infrastructure. This helps Farmers to not only be prepared in planning but to be appealing to the markets they are targeting. Quality and standards are key in the Cannabis sector. Industrial markets are equally sensitive, therefore we provide quality advice and recommendations before one decides to grow Hemp to assure both the Farmers and the buyers success!
Disclaimer: Our charges only cover costs of services

Stage 1

Initial consultation $80/hr

These sessions help the Farmer to familiarize with the sector in Zimbabwe. We equip the client with information that helps them to make informed decisions. These sessions also help us to comprehend the level of knowledge of the client.

Stage 2

Farm Visit

If the client decides to proceed to venture into Hemp Farming they may request for a Farm visit. This is quoted according to the distance of the farm from the capital city Harare.

The Agronomist assigned will perform the following:

  1. Farm Location and Ownership
  2. Capacity Assessment
  3. Field Work
  4. Assessment Report preparation.

Stage 3

Report Delivery

If client is satisfied with the report, able to act on the recommendations and chooses to proceed with the project they may request for
assistance with the Permit Application.


  1. Security clearance from the Zimbabwe Republic Police of authorized person in charge, responsible person in charge, – if application by company each officer and director of the company and if application is by individual, that individual. The national identity details and residential addresses of persons employed by permit holder must be lodged with the Authority within 14 days of such employ. The police should be current and not more than one month old.
    Authority to be notified within 24 hours to any changes to the designated personnel
  2. Three copies of the plan of the cultivation area proposed, including geo-coordinates to be licenced and security measures to be put in place to prevent unauthorized access. NB Applications are to be submitted for each individual location in the case of multiple locations.
  3. Companies should submit the following – Certificate of Incorporation, Valid Tax Clearance Certificate, CR14 and CR6 Forms.
  4. Proof of citizenship is required for the majority of directors.Individuals should submit certified copies of the national identity documents, if foreign, proof of exemption by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement
  5. A declaration signed and dated by the proposed authorized person in charge in accordance with Section 5 (1) (e) of Statutory Instrument 218 of 2020. Authority is required in accordance with the Plant Pests and Diseases Act (CAP19:08) for import and export of industrial hemp.
    Certificate from Seed Services Institute (Zimbabwe) and/or recognized international seed registration authority on importing or exporting hemp seed in accordance with Seeds Act (CAP19:13)

Registration is valid for one year for cultivator and merchants; and for three years for research and breeding.


The following statutory fees are applicable:

  • Application for a permit to cultivate industrial hemp – US$200
  • Application for a permit to conduct research on industrial hemp – US$200
  • Application for renewal of permit to cultivate industrial hemp – US$200
  • Application for renewal of permit to conduct research on industrial hemp – US$200
  • Application for variation or amendment of a permit – US$200
  • Application for import/export permit – US$200
  • Application for a merchant permit – US$500.00
  • Application for renewal of a merchant’s permit – US$500
  • Inspection fees – US$200.00
  • ZIHT service fee $250.00

Stage 4

Further technical support can be provided as a seperate service

For inquiries: extservices@zwiht.com