About Us

The Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust was formally registered on the 1st of January 2017. This culminated from the lobby efforts of the Founder Dr Z.J.T Maroveke since 2015. A concept note compiled by Dr Maroveke in 2016 raised the interest and support of the Government of Zimbabwe thereof.

To date ZIHT remains the major lobby and advocacy organisation for the legal inclusion of Cannabis in Zimbabwe with a primary focus on Industrial Hemp.

The Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust is the pioneer and major lobby and advocacy organization for Cannabis in Zimbabwe, however our primary focus is Industrial Hemp. The ZIHT believes that the socio-economic impact of Industrial Hemp is larger than the Pharmaceutical value chains of Medicinal Cannabis.

A thriving socially and economically inclusive Industrial Hemp Industry.


  • Patriotism
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Compassion


  1. Lobbying and Advocacy
  2. Research and Development
  3. Education and Awareness
  4. Investment Promotion
  5. Consultancy